Geo Film Group, Inc.

We pride ourselves in offering simple, cost effective, practical solutions for your camera / camera support needs.


Geo Film Group was established in 1989 and has been providing camera support for over 34 years. It all began when George Nolan saw an opportunity within a niche market for specialized camera support equipment and opened Geo Film Group with the determination to provide cost effective and practical solutions for camera and camera support needs. 

Since then, Geo Film Group has grown into a worldwide leader in specialized support technology.  Geo has created many successful products over the past 34 years and continues to design and manufacture new products including our line of Remote Systems.

Geo Film Group is dedicated to total customer satisfaction, doing our best to give you the personal touch that is lacking in so many companies today. We strive to give you the little extras that others have forgotten about.

Geo is launching a new look while we continue to focus on providing the same exceptional service to an ever-evolving industry.  We invite our customers to get to know GEO. 

" I personally want to thank our current customers for their continued support and to our new customers, if you demand to work with the very best people as well as the very best products, we welcome you to Geo Film Group."

George Nolan,



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